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  • Quality management

    • Quality is the base to Kehuite. It seems like the life for company, that all the staffs in support of. Our principle aim is to supply reliable products with high quality, and high-quality service.

      We understand that a quality driven service encompasses all aspects of the customer experience from initial enquiry to product delivery. As such, we have built a quality management system with our customer and supplier relationships at its heart.

  • Quality accreditation

    • In recognition of our commitment to quality, Kehuite have held accreditation to NQA ISO9001:2015 Through integrated process which are regularly reviewed and monitored by key quality objectives, we continually strive to improve and strengthen our quality management system.

  • View our ISO9001:2015 Certificate here

  • Quality Objectives

    • High levels of product quality and conformity with a targeted nonconforming products rate of less than 1%.

      Products returning rate less than 1%.

  • Industry affiliations

    • Kehuite are a member of the ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association International) and have been a member since 2011.

  • Supplier qualification

    • Supplier will be evaluated and graded by system for a long term. Once a new supplier is added to the approved vendor list they are given a supplier grading which is visible to all purchasers within the company. The supplier will be graded depending on commercial qualifications, address, legal Form, main products and brands, and comments in this industry.

      Supplier are graded between 1-5 stars and black list. Continual monitoring and grading of supplier is carried out by our purchasing team and supplier are graded depending on supplier type, number of orders placed, their quality related performance and service level. Example The 4 star is for Franchise source, 5 star is Franchise.

  • Supplier Assess

    • Suppliers will be regularly reviewed.

      The below is the content for assessment.

      1 Main Data of Suppliers

      A Business Registration Certificate

      B Reputation and Trading Reference

      2 Performance

      A Quality of Products

      B Price

      C Delivery Speed

      D Quotation Speed

      3 Competence management

      A Information for Products and Stocks.

      B Background for supplier and the capacity to lock the goods.

      4 exception handling

      A Frozen supplier

      B Stopped inquiry

      C blocked payment

      D Once offered the counterfeit products, blacklisted directly

      5statistic analysis

      A Internal statistical assessment

      B Supplier assessment analysis

      C Number of orders placed

      D Total amount of cooperation periodical

      E non-exception orders rate

  • Internal Inspection and Testing

    • ncoming goods are photographed and are traceable from supplier's documentation through to sales order dispatch through barcode scanning. Experienced inspectors have the training and technical expertise to ensure quality product reaches the end customer.

      In-House inspection and testing service includes:

      1.Baking and dry-packing

      2. Visual inspection

      3.Measurement inspection

      4.Surface inspection

      5. DCAP test

      6. Programmed inspection

      7. Capacitor inspection.

      The 3rd party Cooperater

      The White Horse Test lab

      The Gets Test lab

      The 1st Test lab

The detailed inspections including:


If in the case of a part failing our test procedures, we will find an alternative source for this part.

If there are no alternatives, we will advise the buyer to cancel their order as agreement.

And fully refund the buyer.

Our in-House Testing includes:

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