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What can we support ?

Over 100,000 lines  stock to offer

Support orders in scheduled delivery

Help  finding obsolete parts

Support BOM list inquiry and demand

Purchasing OEM and Franchise excess



When you purchasing from China . leave it with us . we can do for you as below :

  • 1. Purchasing from a third-party supplier for our customers.

    • Kehuite will test the goods for free, and pay the invoice on your behalf.

      The payment terms will be decided by you and your vendor.

      The goods will be shipped out by Kehuite.

      We guarantee the quality of the goods conforms with the customers requirement.

      Kehuite will control the whole process for you and charge a small fee at the end.

  • 2. Stock on Hand.

    • Kehuite has its own inventory, which can be traced back to the OEM factory.

      Meanwhile, we have joined forces with trusted local sources of available stock for over 100 brands, products can be traced back to the authorized distributor or original equipment manufacturer.

      Kehuite can offer these services to you, helping you minimize the risk of quality issues.

  • 3. Booking of goods:

    • You can allow Kehuite to organize orders from the local agent, such as ADI, ATMEL, ST etc.

      We can also organize these orders on a schedule that suits you.

      Due to our large volume buying, we have some special offers on various parts, this will reduce your procurement costs and maximise your profits.

  • 4. Purchasing OEM excess:

    • Kehuite often purchase OEM excess from trusted foreign companies.

      Many renowned vendors have been doing business with us for many years.

      We promptly pay for OEM excess.

  • 5. Resale of goods:

    • If you would like to sell your stock, Kehuite has many buyers in Asia.

      We are looking forward to co-operating with you.

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